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This group was created to gather fellow artists who are night owls (although any artists are welcome to join). Every art entry will receive a friendly critique by the founder and as the group grows, members will participate in helping each other improve. The mission is to help artists gain a wider audience while ultimately improving their skill. You must be a deviantart member to join the group.


For those who asked, here are better examples of some of the brushes from my new Ultimate Drawing Set for Photoshop. I know the video doesn’t show much, so these images should help a lot!

And don’t forget, my other brushes are still available here, too!

Photoshop CS5 or higher required. 

Please share this with your art friends and happy drawing, everybody!



Gorgeous mermaids by Christina Wyatt


Mustafa Gündem

I like the idea in the picture with the fish watching the distracted submarine.


This applies to everyone, not just artists.
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This applies to everyone, not just artists.

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New life experiences lead to new creative ideas.


Where do I start (making video games)?


Recently I was sent an e-mailed from an inspiring game maker. It’ll be their first game they ever made. So they asked me what programs I suggested they used for their first game and any tutorials for that program.

First off, I am really honoured someone asked me where to start when it comes to game development. I’ve been doing this for years now and even I am still learning stuff everyday. Second, this is a really really tough question. It’s like asking me how to burn a plank of wood. You can do it a bunch of ways. So when I was asked this I had to take a moment and think about it.

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The Evolution of Music


The Evolution of Music


This Animated Film About Elephant Seals Could Have Been Made By Pixar

With Pixar’s attention to the natural world, this short film would be a great fit for them. Someone hire this fellow to make a whole series of animated animal shorts.

Pinnipèdes is Victor Caire’s first 3D animated film, made at Supinfocom Arles, and it is darling. Under all those folds of flesh, his animated elephant seals are delightfully expressive.”

(via io9)